Nokia 22

Nokia 22
Name Nokia 22
Time to market 2001-06-18
Code 22
Size 100 x 180 x 45 mm
Weight 420g w/o power supply
Environmental temperature -10°C to +55°C
Storage temperature -40°C to +85°C
Humidity range, operation 20 - 75%
Humidity range, storage 5 - 95%
SIM Card Small
Band Dual band GSM 900 and 1800
RF Power 2W/1W (1800Mhz)
Nominal 7.2 V
Absolute min 6.5 V
Absolute max 15.6 V
Line Voltage high Impedance mode 50 V
Ringing Voltage 48 Vrms
Line impedance 600 W
Off hook AC impedance 600 W
On hook AC impedance 150 kW
On hook DC resistance 10 MW
Loop DC current min 15 - max 120 mA
DC 1.4 A
Operating range between 90 - 264 Vac
Frequency range 47 - 63Hz
Output voltage 6.75 +/- 0.15 V
Weight 75 g + cables
Volume < 115 cm 3
RS232 All applicable ITU-T V.25ter, ETSI GSM 07.07 and ETSI GSM 07.05 commands are supported.
HSCSD max 43.2 kbit/sec (Depending on operator services)
Backup battery Optional
Antenna Integrated
Nokia adapter cable for external antenna is available.
Environmental temperature
Storage temperature
Humidity range, operation
Humidity range, storage
SIM Card
RF Power
Absolute min
Absolute max
Line Voltage high Impedance mode
Ringing Voltage
Line impedance
Off hook AC impedance
On hook AC impedance
On hook DC resistance
Loop DC current
Operating range between
Frequency range
Output voltage
Backup battery