Nokia 3610

Nokia 3610
Name Nokia 3610
Time to market 2002-06-27
Code 3610
Trendy looks
  • Bold design with pop art graphics
  • Clear keymat that allows light to emanate from
  • Pure light materials and latest striking shades
  • Six user-changeable Xpress-onTM front and back covers to choose from
  • Compact and lightweight
Mobile internet services (WAP)
Mobile internet services (WAP)
  • Supports WAP1.1
  • Download the latest news, coolest Ringing Tones, exciting game levels and Screen Savers
  • Up to four lines in WAP browsing with 96 x 65 display resolution
Share the latest
Share the latest
  • Conference call feature allows up to five people to chat at one time
  • Share bookmarks with friends
Creative messaging
Creative messaging
  • Create your own graphics and unleash the artist within you with Picture Editor
  • Picture Messages allows for sending graphics with matching text
  • Personalized SMS alerts - use a ringing tone as SMS alerts or compose your own
  • Concatenated messages - for longer SMS messages
  • Chat - a feature that makes it really fun, quick and easy to chat via SMS
  • Multiple SMS - perfect for sending jokes to all your best friends
  • Save SMS as reminders so that you won't have to type them all out again
Easy time management
Easy time management
  • Date/Time display on screen - user selectable built-in graphic display
  • Repeated alarm feature - just set once a day "wake-up call" and alarm is automatically repeated
  • Stopwatch and built-in countdown timer
Entertainment, fun and personalization
Entertainment, fun and personalization
  • Rhythmic backlight alert: backlight dancing with ringing tone
  • Game entertainment: 'Dance2Music', 'Link5', 'Magic Draw', 'Space Impact', 'Snake II' and 'Bumper'
  • Download game packs via WAP
  • Stylized strap holes to hang your favorite ornament to your phone
  • Volume: 79cc
  • Weight: 91.5g (with BLB-2 Li-Ion 830 mAh)
  • Measurement: 104.8mm x 44.5mm x 21mm (min), 21.8mm (max)
Dual Band Operation
  • GSM 900 and GSM 1800; automatic switching between bands
Battery Type Capacity (mAh) Talk Time Standby Time
BLB-2 (Li-Ion) 830 mAh Up to 3h 50m Up to 170h
Battery Type
BLB-2 (Li-Ion)