Nokia 8210e

Nokia 8210e
Name Nokia 8210e
Time to market 1999-10-07
Code 8210e
Illuminated high-contrast, full-graphics display
Up to 5 lines for text, numbers, graphics
Memory functions
250 names and numbers in phone, up to 250 in SIM
Memory for 50 calendar notes
Voice dialling
Memory for 8 numbers
Predictive text input
Support for major European languages
Built-in dictionary database
Short Message Service
Send and receive messages of up to 160 characters
Picture messaging
Send picture together with text
Send and receive to/from Nokia 8210, Nokia 3210, Nokia 8850 mobile phones
Dual band operation
GSM 900/1800 automatic switching between bands
Supports Extended GSM 900 band (EGSM)
Smart Messaging
TTML browser to receive new menu items to your phone making it easy to access services from the operator
32 language options available
Supports major European and Asian languages offered in various language packages
Advanced wireless solutions
Infrared and internal data for wireless communication between phone and compatible PC or printer (no additional equipment required).

Infrared transfer of names and phone numbers between compatible phones.
PC Suite for Nokia 8210
Use the PC Suite for Nokia 8210 to write SMS messages on your combatible PC and then send them to another GSM phone. Fast and easy! You can also update your phonebook's memory on your compatible PC and download your e-mails. All this via infrared.

  Talk time Standby time Charging time (ACP-7) Fast charging (ACP-8)
Standard Battery (BLB-2) 650 mAh, Li-Ion 2 h -
3 h 20 min
50 - 150 h 2 h 25 min 1 h 40 min
Standard Battery (BLB-2) 650 mAh, Li-Ion