Nokia 8250

Nokia 8250
Name Nokia 8250
Time to market 2000-12-07
Code 8250
  • Slips into your pocket - small and lightweight
  • Enhanced visual clarity courtesy of the bright blue backlight
  • Chinese phone management features including phonebook, send/receive SMS and SMS chat
  • Reduce instances of missed calls or messages thanks to the internal vibration feature
  • Ergonomically designed keypad for easier dialling and management
  • Make a statement about yourself with the stylish range of user-changeable Xpress-OnTM colour covers
  • Personalise your phone settings with the downloadable profiles, screensavers and ringing tones
Advanced Messaging
  • Add the personal touch with built-in SMS chat feature with chat history and fast reply
  • Innovative Chinese SMS chat
  • Picture message sending and downloading
  • GSM900
  • GSM1800
Wireless Solutions
  • Infrared and internal data for cordless communication with compatible Nokia phones, laptop computers or PDAs
  • Over-the-air activation for downloading phone numbers, profiles and pictures (sending/ receiving) and ringing tones and CLI icons (receiving)
PC Suite
  • Offers connectivity between you Nokia 8250 and your PC and transfer data
  • Allows you to send and recieve email, browse the Internet, download information, and receive faxes as well as SMS messages (max 160 characters)
  • Helps you transfer data from you Nokia 8250 to your office computer
  • Voice dialing
  • Fax/data calls
  • Alarm clock
  • Calculator
  • Calender
  • WAP browser
  • Games
  • BLB-2 Internal Battery
  • ACP-8 Fast & Light Charger
  • LCH-9 Mobile Charger
  • DCV-1B Desktop Stand
  • HDC-5 Personal Headset Kit with remote control
  • PPH-1 Plug-in Handsfree kit with microphone HFM-8
  • SKB-2 Clip-On Kit
  • LPS-3 Inductive Loopset
  • Xpress-OnTM colour covers in 4 intriguing colours: Illicit Green, Mysterious Blue, Elusive Gold, Bewildered Red
  • Trendy wearables and carrying cases
  • Volume : 69cc
  • Weight : 81g with 650mAh Li-Ion battery
  • Length : 102.5mm
  • Width : 45mm
  • Thickness : 19mm
Battery type Talktime Standby time
65omAh Li-Ion semi-fixed battery 2h - 3h 20 min 50h - 150h
Battery type
65omAh Li-Ion semi-fixed battery