Nokia PremiCell 18i

Nokia PremiCell 18i
Name Nokia PremiCell 18i
Time to market 1997-06-08
Code premicell 18i
The Nokia PremiCell terminal is a fast and easy telephone subscription
The Nokia PremiCell terminal offers mobile fax connection
The Nokia PremiCell terminal is a transferable data connection
The Nokia PremiCell terminal is a cost-effective unmanned connection
GSM Fits All
Network GSM1800
Size 28 x 121 x 213 mm
Weight 800 g
Cover material Cast aluminum
Environmental temperature -10...+55 oC
SIM card Small
SIM cover Black (alternatives red or green)
RF Power Max. 1 W (GSM 1800)
Sensitivity 100 dBm (GSM 1800)
Line voltage 40±3 V
Line impedance 600 ½
Line current Max. 25 mA
Ringing voltage 45 Vrms, 25 Hz
Power supply voltage 6.6...6.9 V DC 1.4 A
Telephone interface Fixed, CCIT standard. Possibility to connect 3 phones
Fax interface RJ-11 connector for analog Group 3 faxes up to 9.6 kbit/s
Data Supports Nokia Data Suite and RS 232 connection
Backup battery Optional. Talk time 2,5 h (GSM 1800)
Antennas Standard antennas integrated into the terminal, external antennas connected separately
Security Based on GSM standard
Cover material
Environmental temperature
SIM card
SIM cover
RF Power
Line voltage
Line impedance
Line current
Ringing voltage
Power supply voltage
Telephone interface
Fax interface
Backup battery